Woman Files $6M Lawsuit Against American Airlines Over Alleged Sexual Assault on Flight

A woman is suing American Airlines for $6 million, claiming she was sexually assaulted by a male passenger who flight attendants gave copious amounts of alcohol” during a trip from Europe to Dallas. According to The Dallas Morning News, the lawsuit claims the man next to her steadily got more drunk after flight attendants kept giving him drinks. The man allegedly started acting inappropriately, at one point suggesting that he and the woman were going to have sex in the bathroom. The woman alleges that she twice asked flight attendants to stop serving the man alcohol but they dismissed her concerns and said he would fall asleep soon. The man allegedly went on to grope her when she returned to her seat. After the alleged groping, the woman says she saw flight attendants give the man two more glasses of wine. She was ultimately moved to the back economy class to get away from the man.

The lawsuit claims American Airlines conducted an investigation into the incident that concluded the flight crew knew the man was acting in a “boisterous” and “obnoxious” manner. An airline spokeswoman said the company was “deeply troubled by any allegation of misconduct,” and said it was policy to separate passengers in cases of misconduct. The woman is asking for $1 million in compensation and $5 million in punitive damages from the airline.

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