Terry & Thweatt sued for demanding money from father in claim over daughter’s death, suit says firm never provided legal services


HOUSTON – Despite never entering into a contract for legal services, a Houston law firm is demanding hundreds of thousands of dollars from man in connection to a legal claim arising out his daughter’s death, according to a recently filed lawsuit.

Seeking relief of $100,000 or less, John Luengas, individually and on behalf of the estate of Alanna Maria Luengas, filed suit against Terry & Thweatt on July 16 in Harris County District Court.

In his suit, John Luengas says he has never entered into any kind of contact for legal services with Terry & Thweatt and that the firm has never provided any legal services to him.

“Despite this, Defendant has demanded that John Luengas pay it and its lawyers hundreds of thousands of dollars relating to his legal claim arising out of his daughter’s death,” the suit states.

At the age of 18, Alanna Maria Luengas was killed in an automobile accident in the early morning hours of June 25, 2017. She was survived by her parents, John Luengas and Jade James.

After the incident, John Luengas began the process of interviewing lawyers to potentially represent him on claims against liable parties and met with Terry & Thweatt, the suit states.

However, he elected not to retain the firm and instead went with The Buzbee Law Firm to prosecute the claim.

John Luengas is seeking that the court enter a declaratory judgment that he and the estate do no owe Terry & Thweatt any amount of money.

He is represented by Buzbee Law Firm founder Tony Buzbee, along with attorneys Peter Taaffe and Crystal Del Toro.

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