Technology Lawsuits Send Texas Businesses Scrambling

San Antonio is home to more than 1,500 innovation and tech companies. Not only that, but San Antonio has one of the largest concentrations, across multiple agencies, of IT and cybersecurity professionals in the nation. The San Antonio Economic Development Foundation reports that San Antonio boasts more than 34,000 IT professionals and that the industry generates nearly $10 billion of economic impact for our city. 

I am proud to serve as the chairman of the City’s Innovation and Technology Committee. Our committee’s mandate is to help develop San Antonio’s long-term strategy as it relates to smart-city infrastructure, technology workforce, and recruitment of technology and innovation opportunities – opportunities that create jobs, raise our city’s profile among technology leaders, and make us more resilient and competitive. My job is also to guard against any threats to our innovation economy and our ability to thrive.  

While our future is bright, there is a disturbing Texas trend menacing our efforts to make San Antonio a hub of technology jobs and innovation. This trend is playing out just north of us. Residents of Plano and Frisco recently learned that Apple will close its doors there and open a new location in Dallas. 

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