Collin County Drug Charges

Collin County has strict laws surrounding drug possession. Drug-related offenses are often seen as simple, but in reality, they are very complex and can have grave implications on the future career, personal life, reputation, education, and social life of the beholder. If you are someone you know has been charged with a drug-related act or offense, you need to immediately seek advice from a qualified lawyer to consult and evaluate on the facts of your case.

You can schedule a free consultation and evaluate your case by connecting with a good attorney. Most attorneys have the ability to provide aggressive defense, which can reduce or even dismiss your charges and minimize your punishment.

Drug categories

Collin County has five categories for controlled substances and a separate category for marijuana. Each category falls into a different penalty group:

  • The first category contains Methamphetamine, Morphine, Cocaine, Opium, Heroin, Hydrocodone Codeine, GHB, and Oxycodone

  • Then there is category 1A which includes LSD

  • Then the next category is made of Ecstasy, PCP, and Mescaline

  • Category number four consists of Valium, Xanax, and Ritalin

  • The last category is made of those compounds which contain Buprenorphine Pyrovalerone, Motofen, or Dionine.

How is penalty charged?

The penalty is charged according to the group category and the weight of the drug found with the beholder. These two factors combined will determine the charge and will classify the act as a felony or misdemeanor possession. There are further punishments for creating, distributing and even intent to deliver controlled substances to other. You can also get your license suspended for six months if you are found with a drug conviction.

Possession of drug paraphernalia under the Texas Controlled Substances Act in Collin County

Drug Paraphernalia means anything that can be used for drug packaging, processing, or consumption. Most of the charges on drug paraphernalia are related to possession of a bong or pipe. You will need an experienced attorney to defend you in a case of possession of drug paraphernalia.

Charges against drug paraphernalia beholder

Simply possessing drug paraphernalia is regarded as a Class C Misdemeanor act, which is punishable by a penalty of up to $500. The distributing and even possessing drug paraphernalia with the intent to distribute and sell it to others is regarded as Class A misdemeanor act, which is punishable by up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $4,000. If the beholder was selling it to a minor who was at least three years younger than him, then this sale is regarded as a state jail felony which deserves punishment of more than 180 days and even two years in state jail and a huge fine of $10,000.

So if any of you or your loved ones have been charged with any of the crimes stated above, you need a strong defense because charges against drug dealing are taken very strictly in Collin county! You need an experienced attorney who can help you out of these charges and prove your innocence.