What To Do When Arrested For Driving While Intoxicated

A DWI arrest can cause great stress and is a frightening experience. Therefore, the first thing to do after an arrest based on DWI is to contact quickly an experienced criminal defense attorney who can help you preserve all avenues of attack. Call a Collin county DWI attorney to get consultation and evaluation regarding your case. They will be able to provide you with an aggressive defense, which might result in charges being dismissed or reduced, or punishment being minimized.

Request an A.L.R. Hearing within 15 days

If you get arrested for DWI, there is only a 15-day period to request a hearing from the Department of Public Safety where you can challenge the administrative suspension of driver’s license. Hire an experienced Collin county DWI Attorney to represent you in criminal cases as well as the administrative license revocation hearing as soon as possible.

Driving While Intoxicated Under Texas Law

In Texas, driving while intoxicated means;

A person driving a motor vehicle in a public place when they do not have the normal ability to make use of mental or physical features due to alcohol, liquor, controlling substances or drugs like marijuana or prescription medications, heroin, cocaine, or meth.


A person who was operating a motor vehicle in a public place when their alcohol concentration is 0.08 or more than this.

What should one do when asked to take blood test or breath?

Should a person refuse to take a breath or blood test is a most commonly asked question to a DWI attorney. In this regard, the DWI attorney suggests you to refuse. This is because, even though when you refuse to take a breath or blood test, it becomes more difficult to defend yourself but it becomes even more difficult for the prosecution to prove that you were intoxicated while driving. There are both advantages and disadvantages of refusing a breath or blood test as per a DWI attorney:


Refusing to take a test of breath or blood, defends you against the prosecutor by preventing them from having scientific evidence about your alcohol content, when you were arrested, which can be used as a solid evidence against you in a trial.


It is one of the rules of the Department of Public Safety that people who refuse to take a test of their breath or blood will suffer a longer period of administrative license suspensions than those who comply.

TIPS from the DWI attorney to help you avoid conviction:

  • First of all the best way to avoid conviction is not to drink while driving.

  • Secondly, even if police stop you, you shouldn’t perform any sobriety test even if you can. You must refuse these tests especially if you have poor balance or you are influenced by drug, alcohol or other substance.

  • Be aware of your body language and speech as sloppy speech and body demonstrate the influence of intoxications.

  • Remain calm and be polite to the police officer.

  • Do not exit from the car until you are asked.

  • Refuse to answer the officer’s questions and remain silent. Instead, ask for an attorney.

Therefore, if you or your loved one is arrested with a DWI within Collin County, then you require the help of an experienced DWI lawyer, who can properly defend you in your drunk driving case. The DWI Attorneys at Colin County are dedicated to their criminal defense practice and provide high quality yet cost-effective legal representation for you.