Here’s what you will need to Bring to the First Meeting

Here’s what you will need to Bring to the First Meeting:

  • Last three months of bank statements.
  • A government picture identification card.
  • social security card. The lawyer needs to verify the identity of the client.
  • There are professional debtors in some jurisdictions, and adult children sometime try to pull the a scam by having their aged parents file bankruptcy to discharge debts the children incurred.
  • Last three years of federal tax returns.
  • If the debtor is suing someone or is being sued, a copy of the complaint and any judgments.
  • Last three months of credit card statements. If the debtor has a large amount of credit card debt, the attorney needs to know whether it is the result of:
    • The debtor’s living on his credit cards. A credit card pyramid syndrome.
    • Purchase of expensive tangible personal property.
    • Purchase of any luxury goods within the past 90 days.
  • Last three months of paystubs. Provide a short form of schedules I and J to show the debtor’s monthly budget.
  • Statement from life insurance or annuity policies as to cash surrender value.
  • Information on nature and amount of money in pension, profit sharing, employee stock ownership, 401(k) plans and Individual Retirement Accounts. Any issue with an inherited I.R.A.?
  • The attorney should provide the debtor prior to the meeting with a short form financial statement where the debtor discloses his real property, certificated vehicles and watercraft, other tangible or intangible personal property, secured debt, tax debt, domestic support obligations, student loans and other unsecured debt.
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